Countdown to Crime!

Bab Fade To Dead, made its appearance in May 2016 and, as with my previous books, I will be anxiously awaiting the readers’ – (plural, because I hope there will be more than one) –…

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Crimefest 2016 – Blogger Highlights!

Crimefest – 19th to 22nd May 2016 Bristol On 19th May 2016, I went to Crimefest in Bristol. It was a BIG adventure, meeting Twitter friends, much loved authors and celebrating the vibrant wor…

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An Interview with author, Ron Bush

Ron Banner Revised

A little bit of bio – who are you, where do you come from and where are you based?

My name is Ron Bush, I was born in Dulwich and now live on the Kent coast.

Who is your favourite author of all time and which book do you wish you had written?

Isaac Asimov. The collection of stories under the title, “I, Robot.”

Have you a writing routine? Do you write a la Cartland, dictating to a minion whilst lying on a chaise longe sipping champagne? Or, is the reality a garden shed or a corner of the living room?

I like to maintain a routine whenever possible. This entails getting up around 6:00 am and writing for a couple of hours. I usually have to share this time with our cat who sits on the arm of my chair,  and one of our dogs who insists that my lap is more comfortable than his basket.  Later in the day I usually find time to read what I have written and add to it. This works for me and I am writing my seventh novel at the moment.

When were you first gripped by the writing bug – was it a gradual realisation or always a burning ambition?

At school, my English language teacher encouraged my writing and I have been writing on and off ever since. I like to write short stories as they stimulate my imagination, some have formed the basis for novels.

Which authors, if any, were influential in fuelling this desire?

Although I have not tried writing Science Fiction, other than short stories, Isaac Asimov is amongst many authors who inspired me to write.

When did you make your first serious foray into writing and what did you write?

The first novel (unpublished) I wrote was during break times at work. It was a saga about mountain men during the fur trapping era in the wilderness of America, one’s man challenge against the elements and the conflicts arising from inter-racial marriage. I may go back and work on this in the future with a view to publishing.

Has your style of writing changed significantly since then?

Not so much my style, more the subjects I choose to write about. When waiting for inspiration to strike I often ask myself the question, “What if?”  This has been answered by several of my novels.

If you could go back, would you do anything differently?

I would have sought the help and support that a good writing group can provide much earlier. Honest feedback is something that I treasure. (And try to give back in return.)

We all know the world of traditional publishing can be brutal in its rejection and fragile egos are routinely shattered. Have you ever experienced this? How did it make you feel? How did you cope with it

If you can’t handle rejection, don’t write. Most writers aspire to be the next J.K.Rowling, but sadly it’s unlikely to happen. If you’re a “personality” a ghost writer will propel you into the best sellers list. Likewise if a relative works for a publishing house you will have an advantage over the rest of us. (Cynical? Who? Me?) If neither of these things apply then be prepared to paper the wall of the smallest room in your house with rejection letters. I have chosen to use the theme of rejection as the basis for my present novel.

Do you feel ebooks will continue to escalate in popularity?

This a tricky question to answer. Probably the answer is yes. People are more likely to spend a small amount downloading an author they have yet to become familiar with, than to purchase the paperback or hardback book. Also it suits the modern pace of life. If you can read a book on your phone or tablet, why carry it’s bulky equivalent? (On the other side of the argument there is a lot to be said for actually holding a physical book in your hands.)

Why did you choose to go down the route of independent publishing?

Because I want my work to be read. I put a lot of hours and research into my novels. Self publishing gives a wide audience the chance to judge my efforts. Agents reject new writers for many reasons.

I have heard some authors say that they won’t feel ‘properly published’ unless via a traditional publisher. How do you feel about this statement?

Of course I’d love to see my writing taken up by a major publishing house, but that doesn’t distract from the satisfaction I gain from knowing that someone in the USA or Germany, or anywhere else around the world has enjoyed reading a product of my imagination.

As a platform, is it working for you? What are the pros and cons?

The biggest drawback to any form of publishing is that unless someone knows about your book, they can’t buy it. This is probably where “traditional” publishers win, they have  budgets (albeit limited) to promote books.

What books have you written? Have you a particular favourite? What/who inspired it?

My novels to date are:

“Heil, Heil, Rock n Roll!”Ron 2

Inspired by the thought, “What if?”

A boy at my school came to Britain shortly after WW2 and was transformed from Hitler Youth to Teddy Boy. I tried to imagine how he may have felt and reacted.


The menace of Teddy Boy gangs stalks the streets. In the summer of 1958 the leadership of one such gang has been commandeered by a sinister ex-member of the Hitler Youth, brought to Britain at the end of the war. Years of indoctrination bring him into conflict with his father’s acceptance of defeat after fighting for so long. The violent attitudes of the gang provide him with an anchor in the tide of emotions brought on by this change in his life. Despite rebelling against society the questionable attitudes of this time still influence these young men. Rock ‘n’ Roll music is the life blood driving a backlash against the dreary post-war life of their parents. A living nightmare shrouds the gang when prejudice results in murder. With the threat of the hangman’s noose looming over their heads, loyalty to each other is all that is left to them as this chilling thriller explodes into a terrifying chain of events.

This book is my best seller.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

A pretty neat slice of REAL 50s post war Britain.

When I bought this I’d thought the title was a misprint…well it isn’t – and to explain more would give away part of the plot – which I’m not gonna do as this is a MUST READ for anyone interested in the nascent teddy boy/rocker scene. The attention to detail is amazing and best of all it rings dead true – no phony happy days soda pop nostalgia – just post war Britain in all it’s austere glory. Better still, the characters aren’t the usual stereotypes and the plot is totally captivating with a twist or two at the end that I, for one, didn’t see coming.
Anyway, enough from me – just buy this – you won’t regret it!


Is there life after Rock n Roll?”Ron 6

This is the sequel to the Heil, Heil, Rock n Roll and as such did not require any inspiration other than the desire to explore the consequences of the first novel.


A vow of silence binds two teenage boys. It has to. They are both guilty of murder. Unrelated victims, similar motives, but the death penalty is still the price to pay. In this disturbing sequel, emotions bubble away beneath the surface before finally erupting with terrifying results. One of them is having an affair with the mother of his friend. When this comes to light loyalty is pushed to breaking point. Due to the twists and turns of fate both are immune from prosecution for murder unless one of them breaks the vow. Immunity does not apply to nightmares. Like a dripping tap, remorse erodes away at the mind until something snaps!


“Cordelia”Ron 3

Again inspired by the thought, “What if?”

This time I wondered how a woman would feel and act if she genuinely believed she was a mother whose children had been taken from her. This leads her to abduct other people’s children to raise them as her own. Her hatred of men, the result of an abusive father, and her increasing mental deterioration lead to devastating consequences.

I wrote this from a woman’s perspective. (It is my wife’s favourite novel.)



“To have and to hold”Ron 5

The inspiration for this book was to join together characters from two previous novels to see if it would work.

It proved to be a worthwhile project.






I would like to use feedback on Amazon for this novel and express Missingsincere thanks to all who take the time to leave reviews.

Inspired once again by the thought, “What if?”


First let me say I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I believe in the principle, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. Well, in this case, I’m delighted that, hand on heart, I can wholeheartedly say lots of nice things. Firstly, a word on the quality of the writing. The author is a master of words and possesses the ability to paint superb pictures in the reader’s mind. (A raindrop, resting on a bulrush at the water’s edge, took hold of a beam of sunlight and transformed it into a fairy palette of colours.) He has the ability to engage virtually all the senses and leave one wanting more. Most important of all, he writes a gripping tale and Missing does not disappoint in this respect. A child goes missing whilst visiting her grandparents and so begins the weaving of an intricate mystery that kept me absorbed right up to the very last page. I can’t always say that. In fact, these days I am known to abandon a book that doesn’t grip me on the basis that life is too short for bad writing. In summation, this is an ‘honest book’ – it doesn’t rely on any shock tactics or gimmickry, merely on skilful plotting and an absorbing story. Why only four stars, then? It’s the Amish Quilt theory – the makers always inserted a deliberate flaw on the basis that only God was perfect. Missing is about as close to perfect as it gets.

 “Tides of deceit”Ron 4

Inspired by a holiday in Norfolk.


Finding an ancient object results in a grisly murder, the second violent death to occur in this otherwise quiet coastal town. A detective duo, one the wife of a serving soldier and the other wedded to his shadowy past, struggle to penetrate a web of lies and deceit. Gripping twists and turns in their investigations plunge Joseph Fargough and his partner, Mary Wells, into uncharted depths as they seek justice. Greed and lust ebb and flow on tides of deceit in this, the first of an exciting series of novels featuring DI Fargough and WPS Wells. More lives are at risk as the killers seek to cover their tracks. Can the detectives act within the restraints of law and order? Or are other methods called for?

Do you feel the best is yet to come? What inspires your writing in general?

I think most writers believe that their next book will be better than the last, but how do you tell? My books have diverse plot lines and different emotions.  How do I convince myself that the one I have just finished is my best?

I carry a note book and pen to jot down ideas as they occur. My inspiration can best be summed up by the need to create. Perhaps it’s genetic. Two of my daughters have also written books. My father gave me a love of reading.

 What are you working on right now?

Something entirely different from my other six novels. Having put aside the one I was working on, due to my concern that one of the characters failed to excite me, I have begun a new one. The lead character of this is a struggling female author.

I will go back, resolve the problem and complete the other book in a few months time.

What do you like/dislike most about writing?

I write because I enjoy writing. Creating characters and placing them in situations and places gives my mind the freedom to live another life while subconsciously reliving parts of my own.

 Anything you would like to crow about?

Apart from writing and having the perfect marriage I love to talk about the journeys I have made, including two trips on the Amazon in a dugout canoe. (But that’s another story!)

When I was an aspiring author, I longed to know ‘the secrets’ of other authors. What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

I don’t know any ‘secrets’ and so the advice I would give is only write if you enjoy it. Don’t attempt it to make money, the chances are you won’t. If you do enjoy writing forget the usual advice to, “write what you know” Tackle things from a different perspective, your own life may be extremely satisfying but your characters can achieve so much more. Let them!

The other thing I would say is that I often experience a panic attack around the 50,000 word count. Where is this story going? Can I finish it satisfactorily? Fortunately the feeling soon passes. So if it happens to you, don’t worry, it will resolve itself.

Did anyone ever share a particularly valuable insight or piece of advice with you and, if so, can you share it with us?

I have been given much advice in my life, some I listened to, some I didn’t. I suppose, “Be yourself” must rank high amongst all that I have been given. It’s certainly the one I’ve tried to adhere to.


Link to website:

Heil Rock ‘n Roll:

Is There Life After Rock ‘n Roll:


To Have And To Hold:

Tides of Deceit:


Ron Bush, thank you for allowing me to interview you and I wish you continuing success in your writing career.






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Fade To Dead by Tara Moore

Another great review for Fade To Dead

51fLCDE9GpL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_“A serial killer, The Director, is on the loose in South London. He’s snatching young women off the street to ‘act’ in his movies. He’s got a type: barely legal, blonde and beautiful.

Newly promoted DI Jessica Wideacre is tasked with heading up the investigation. But with few clues to go on and a rising body count, Jessica begins to fear she isn’t up to the job. Her boss is breathing down her neck. Her marriage is in jeopardy and the pressure is driving her to drink.

Meanwhile, The Director has another victim in his sights. He’s rolled out the red carpet, he s got a killer script, and now he s got his star. It’s a dream role, but not for her.”

When I first read the synopsis of this book I was hooked.  Simple as that.  I had to read it, there were no other options. And I’m…

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Fade to Dead by Tara Moore. Published by Urbane

A serial killer known as “The Director is taking young, blonde pretty women off the streets to act out his depraved fantasies in his films. DI Jessica Wideacre has been tasked with catching h…

Source: Fade to Dead by Tara Moore. Published by Urbane

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Interview with Tess Rosa Ruiz

Tess Rosa Ruiz’s first collection of prose and poetry, ‘Freefall into Us’ was published last year.  I asked her a few questions about her book.   Could you tell me a bit abou…

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Interview with Jackie Buxton

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Interview with Jo Ely

Jo Ely’s debut novel, ‘Stone Seeds’ is out on the 24th March 2016.  I asked her a few questions.   Can you tell me a bit about your debut novel, ‘Stone Seeds’? St…

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Guest Post by Shirley Golden

Shirley Golden’s book, ‘Skyjacked’ is being published next month.  Shirley has written a guest post for my blog about science fiction and female authors. ~~~~~ Science Fiction and…

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Interview with Andrew Smith

Earlier this week I hosted a guest post written by Andrew Smith.  He was also very keen to be interviewed. ~~~~~ For the benefit of my readers can you tell me a bit about your book which is being p…

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