Have a little Faith – Bleasdale, that is!


ImageThis week’s interview is with the lovely Faith Bleasdale, who writes on a tray – you read that right. Over to you Faith.

A little bit of bio – who are you, where do you come from and where are you based?

I’m Faith Bleasdale, I was born in Sussex, grew up in North Devon and after moving nomadically around for years I am now based in North Devon.

Who is your favourite author of all time and which book do you wish you had written?

Goodness that’s difficult, I love so many, I shall say Margaret Atwood, I think she’s wonderful and I wish I’d written Alias Grace; due to the fact for me it’s historical fiction at its best.

Have you a writing routine? Do you write a la Cartland, dictating to a minion whilst lying on a chaise longe sipping champagne? Or, is the reality a garden shed or a corner of the living room?

I have a tray. No really. I used to have the luxury of an office but then I had a child. So I have a vintage tray that I work on usually on the sofa in the summer or in bed in the winter. It’s quite a sight. Of course I do have a dining table and a bureau but for me the tray works best. Well until I can afford the minion to dictate to of course.

When were you first gripped by the writing bug – was it a gradual realisation or always a burning ambition? Which authors, if any, were influential in fuelling this desire? 

I always wanted to write ever since I can remember if I’m honest. At school I was happiest when writing stories, so deep down I was gripped from a very early age. I think perhaps one of  the most influential authors for me is Enid Blyton, as I spent so much of my childhood lost in her books and then Judy Blume. Those two authors I feel framed much of my childhood/teenage reading.

 When did you make your first serious foray into writing? What did you write? Has your style of writing changed significantly since then? If you could go back, would you do anything differently?

I was in my early twenties when I realised that I couldn’t really find a job I liked, so I thought about what I really wanted to do. I took a leap of faith; took up temping and wrote my first book. I was very much in the young female fiction genre back then, so now I feel that I have grown up and hopefully so was my writing. And no, I wouldn’t do anything differently, I believe everything we do, both good and bad leads us forwards in life, so no regrets and no looking back!

We all know the world of traditional publishing can be brutal in its rejection and fragile egos are routinely shattered. Have you ever experienced this? How did it make you feel? How did you cope with it?

Goodness, rejection is my middle name. I used to grade my rejection letters from bad to good and I actually liked the good ones! It’s a part of life and I believe that if it’s the right thing for you, then you believe in yourself and no matter how many rejections you get you dust yourself off and get back up there. Rejection in any form isn’t nice but it is true, I believe it either floors you or makes you stronger. Well most writers are pretty strong I think.

Ebook platforms such as Kindle and Smashwords are playing a major role in changing the face of publishing. Is this a good thing and do you feel that traditional publishers and agents have had it their own way for far too long?

I think it’s fabulous because this way the readers get to be the judge of what they read not the publishers. It gives writers a chance they might not other wise have and I welcome any change, because that’s how we evolve.

Do you feel ebooks will continue to escalate in popularity?

I do think they will and I also am happy to be making my first foray into e-publishing soon.

What books have you written? Have you a particular favourite? What/who inspired it?

I’ve written six books so far, Rubber Gloves or Jimmy Choos, Pinstripes, Peep Show, Deranged Marriage, Agent Provocateur and The Love Resort. Like children, I couldn’t possibly have a favourite.

Do you feel the best is yet to come? What inspires your writing in general?

The best is definitely yet to come, and life inspires me. Actually I think most things inspire me!

What are you working on right now?

I’m about to publish my first e-book and I’m also writing something different to what I’ve tackled before.

What do you like/dislike most about writing?

I like everything about writing, well mostly. I dislike spelling because even after all this time and spellchecks, I’m still not great.

Anything you would like to crow about?


When I was an aspiring author, I longed to know ‘the secrets’ of other authors. What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Did anyone ever share a particularly valuable insight or piece of advice with you and, if so, can you share it with us?                        

I went out on a limb and took a chance to do something I loved and I believed in. I think if it’s something you are passionate about then give it a go. And in this day and age with e-books there is no better time to do so.

You can read more about the lovely and prolific Faith on www.faithbleasdale.com



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4 responses to “Have a little Faith – Bleasdale, that is!

  1. What a great interview and answers – I love the sound of all Faith’s book titles!

  2. Very imaginative fun titles and a super writer.

  3. I too like her answers and look forward to taking a peek.

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